Name of the game: Consistency!


The one who is focused on something in a serious way and puts all his energies and all his efforts on this thing over time and consistently until he succeeds, He is the one who will succeed! ​

Many business owners are simply unable to be consistent over time... So they work on something and if on the first hit it doesn't become the next big thing, they despair

It's like getting on a giant wheel that never stops... thinking about an idea, working on it, You invest time, money and energy in it... and when it doesn't provide immediate results, you throw up your hands and move on to the next thing when you're going to repeat the exact same mistake there too... It just sucks.

Success is simply locking like a ballistic missile on the target we set for ourselves. 100% focus and 100% consistency over time!

I have already assisted thousands of business owners with their influencer campaigns and it's just amazing to see it-The people who stay consistent over time, are just insanely successful. They are focused like a laser and do not move. Do it again and again, even when it's boring. Even when tired.

Even when it doesn't work exactly the best. Even when it gets stuck once again... They don't stop and succeed.

No one promised us that it would work the first time And no one promised us that the third time it would work. Those who succeed are those who are willing to try 10 and 20 times until it works for them.

Same in #influencermarketing campaigns, it can take a while till you get to the right influencer and the right audience and find the way to success but it is part of the journey but once you get there it's far beyond what you have imagined.

In the book #Atomic Habits James Clear have well describe it as #The valley of disappointments" In blue its what "you think should happen " and in black is what could happen if you just go through "The valley of disappointments" and will achieve a much larger #success than you could even imagine !

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