Don’t lose your #authenticity.

true secret power of the midroll

What is the true secret power of the midroll campaign and why should you have one?

From our experience and knowledge the true differences between midroll or dedicated campaigns are in some cases the reason why the users have started following the influencer from the first place.

There is no doubt that a dedicated campaign is excellent because the influencer explains about your product only, with all its advantages.

The video is about your brand ,the service or product.

The influencer will talk about your company only but then we might be missing the real power of an influencer campaign.

From my experience what's so unique in an influencer campaign is the authentic message.

The influencer has tried, checked and is happy to give positive feedback but we my lose users that would think its fake.

In some cases we prefer a short midroll since its real , the influencer is well known for his special topic he likes to cover so in some cases we would prefer a short midroll.

What are the cases ?Give me a ping. I would love to support you.

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