ChatGPT is the End Of Google Ads!


Probably not, but the trend is clear.“A survey conducted in August 2022 found that Gen Z news consumers most frequently get their news from social media, with 50% of respondents reporting they used social networks… “Published by Amy Watson.

With this fact we must be prepared for the next jump with ChatGPT.

We saw the trend in banners that became irrelevant

Now with the ChatGPT, there will certainly be an impact on Google's AdWords. I'm not worried about Google, but the brand managers should be worried because already today the situation is that it is very difficult to promote business on Google.

Promotion on the initial pages organically will already be a job for experts only and even then you need a huge financial investment and time to get to the first pages that get the most traffic. It is happening both in SEO and in sponsored ads.

As other brands have discovered, influencer marketing is reliable, original, fun, interesting and brings results over time with loyal and paying customers. Those who want to uptodate should hurry up and start working on it today

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